Casual Shooter Basketball Hire Update

We are changing the way in which we loan out basketballs to causal shooters.

If you don’t have a ball of your own, or just simply left yours at home, don’t stress we have your back! You can loan a ball of us but the way in doing so is now changing.

Most people who have been casual shooting with us for a bit, know that if they don’t have a ball, we would loan them one to shoot around with, however, we would then rely on the person’s honesty to return the ball. This will all now be changing.

For you to borrow a ball off us to shoot around with, you must hand us over something of value, whether that be your mobile phone, keys, wallet, ID, etc.

Our new ball deposit system allows us to keep track of who we are loaning our basketballs to and not just rely on the honesty of people. All our basketballs are now labelled with numbers one through to twenty, with our ball deposit safe being labelled to correspond to the basketballs.

Your item of value will be safely locked away with only members of the staff having access to the ball deposit safe.

How does the new ball deposit work?

Once you have paid your $5 per person fee, the receptionist will ask you whether you need a ball. If you say yes, the receptionist will go and grab a ball out of the ball cupboard. Once the receptionist walks back over to you, you will be asked to hand something of value over (mobile phone, keys, wallet, ID, etc.) Once that item of value has been handed over, the receptionist will then put your item of value into the safe with the corresponding number that is on the ball.

How do I get my item of value back?

At the end of your casual shooting session, make your way back up to the reception desk. Once at the reception desk, hand over the ball that you borrowed to the receptionist, once the ball has been handed over, the receptionist will then go and collect your item of value and return it to you.

I accidently walked out with a ball, what do I do?

Don’t feel embarrassed if this happens! Simply just make your way back into the Stadium, walk up to reception and we will be able to hand your item of value once you have handed the ball back over.

Casual Shooting update